A New 9/11 Investigation! It Could Happen – in New Jersey!

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By Pamela Senzee
Last Autumn, after serving as campaign coordinator for the global advertising and grassroots action campaign, ReThink 9/11, the most amazing education project in history concerning the fall of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11, I had the great privilege of also serving as state coordinator and research assistant for New Jersey defense attorney and president of New Jersey 911 Aware.
New Jersey 911 Aware was founded to help in the creation of a new investigation into the events of 9/11, and to educate the public on the 9/11 issue, as well as other issues of public concern.  Why New Jersey?  Because New Jersey has more jurisdiction points than any other state involved in the crimes of 9/11 save New York! New Jersey has a powerful nexus of jurisdiction! NJ911Aware President, David R. Meiswinkle is a 23 year veteran cop, he was a whistle blowing cop, one with the courage to speak truth to power – and he won! He’s also an army vet and a criminal defense attorney. I met Meiswinkle at the close of my bicycle trek across the United States, when he met me in DC to serve as my attorney and assist me in filing a complaint with FBI headquarters. He came highly recommended to me by Gregg Roberts, one of the researchers on the peer reviewed science paper which documents the presence of nanothermite in the dust of 9/11. We submitted, to the FBI, this research paper, entitled Active Thermitic Material Found in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, along with a peer reviewed medical science research paper documenting carbon nanotubes in the lungs of first responders and the groundbreaking film directed by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA entitled 9/11: Explosive Evidence –

DM_officerExperts Speak Out.David Meiswinkle as a New Brunswick police officer – speaking truth to power David Meiswinkle went on to found New Jersey 9/11 Aware , assisted by Vice President, Philip Ted Hussa, former Mayor of Denville, NJ and twenty five year member of the National Guard, as well as Treasurer, Lou Basile, a Certified Public Accountant, who previously worked on Wall Street managing large corporate accounts. Together they make up the existing leadership of this important truth organization.


3 foundersLou Basile, David Meiswinkle and Phillip Ted Hussa make up the core leadership of NJ911Aware NJ911Aware points to the logical legal nexus for the crimes of 9/11 exits in New Jersey as follows:

  1. 681 victims of the approximate 3,000 killed on 9/11 were residents of New Jersey.
  2. 17 of the 21 counties in New Jersey had victims
  3. The World Trade Center Complex was owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
  4. One of the hijacked airliners, United Flight 93 flew out of  Newark, New Jersey International Airport
  5. Some of the conspirators, including Mohammed Atta, alleged terrorist and pilot of American Flight 11 which reportedly crashed into the North Tower, lived and trained in New Jersey, and had connections with Paterson, Newark, Elizabeth, Fairfield Caldwell, and Teterboro.
  6. The anthrax attacks were involved with Princeton, Hamilton, West Windsor and Trenton, New Jersey.

Last year David Meiswinkle created a 62 page complaint, documenting the crimes and lack of credible investigation of 9/11 and requested a new investigation in New Jersey.  I had the honor of serving as his research assistant for this project. In late October of 2013 we met with an investigator at the State Commission on Investigation(SCI) office in Trenton, NJ  requesting a new 9/11 investigation.  The SCI accepted the complaint, reviewed the matter for a few weeks but refused to investigate citing their lack of jurisdiction for the area of investigation. We disagree with the premise, recognizing that the trial of Clay Shaw, conducted by Louisiana Assistant District Attorney Jim Garrison,  for the murder of John F. Kennedy (Oliver Stone – JFK), while born of jurisdiction in New Orleans, expanded to the assassination in Dallas, Texas and expanding to numerous places outside of Louisiana, even outside of the United States.

The complaint was also then forwarded to all 80 New Jersey assembly representatives and to 40 State senators. On January 31 of this year, the 62 page complaint and a new letter, authored by Meiswinkle, was recently sent to Governor Chris Christie asking for him to support a new 9/11investigation, following up a previous letter sent in August  last year.  Christie had been the United States Attorney in New Jersey appointed by then President Bush, three months after 9/11.  He is presently a top Republican contender for the 2016 Presidential election. He has a responsibility to the people of New Jersey, of the United States and of the world to take an honest look at the New Jersey nexus of jurisdiction and the broader scope as well of what really happened on 9/11.

DM_museumDavid Meiswinkle at the State Museum in Trenton during an exhibition on 9/11. The complaint, a cover letter and copy of the letter to the Governor was also sent to the New Jersey Attorney General  and the 21 County Prosecutors for review and action and a copy of the letter to the Governor has also been sent to all 80 Assembly Representatives and to 40 State Senators as well. “The architects, engineers, scientists and countless experts have been towing the line, they have kept the truth in view and prevented these crimes from being swept away from public consciousness.  They have given time for everyone to catch up in their ability to become aware of the significance of what happened.  It’s time now for law enforcement and the legislators to take up the torch and do their job for truth and justice to be realized.” exclaimed Meiswinkle at a recent event.  David  is optimistic and hopeful that a courageous legislator will step forward to sponsor legislation calling for an independent New Jersey investigation into the crimes of 9/11, should the Governor and Attorney General fail to do so.

 George Washington Crossing the Delaware. David refers to  New Jersey as the “Cross Roads of the American Revolution” instead of the Garden State, referencing that over 700 battles or skirmishes are said to have been fought between the Americans and occupying British forces  in New Jersey and he notes that General George Washington spent over half of his time during the American Revolution, from 1786 to 1783, in New Jersey, that his victories at Trenton with a follow up victory in Princeton changed the momentum of the War and were a major turning point in world history. I found, during my time in this great state, that Meiswinkle is proud of his home state’s history and its, what he refers to as, “karmic destiny” in exposing the hidden truths about crimes of 9/11. The post 9/11 world has spawned dark and draconian legislation and measures such as the U.S. Patriot Act, indefinite detention of Americans and of anyone in the world without charge, preemptive drone attacks, drone spying, secret courts, torture, extraordinary rendition, massive surveillance and a plethora of other constitutionally subversive measures. It has been the pretext for two wars which have resulted in over a million deaths. Meiswinkle looks to New Jersey, as the first State to ratify the Bill of Rights, to be yet another beacon of light in this darkness. David and I will discuss this latest action and the potential future of New Jersey 9/11 Aware on our next radio/podcast, air date February 10th. Satyagraha 9/11 Radio airs every Monday morning at 9 Pacific and noon Eastern Time on No Lies Radio at www.noliesradio.org . Archived broadcasts are available within 24 hours on our website at www.satyagraha911.org

Satyagraha911so proud to have been able to serve NJ911Aware and am grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend in the unique and historic state of New Jersey!

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