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The NJ 911 Aware Team joins Richard Gage, AIA for an exciting and engaging event at the New Brunswick Elks Lodge.

Richard Gage, AIA, the founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth premiered his new movie entitled “Firefighters Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths” at the New Brunswick Elks on November 12, 2015. The event, sponsored by New Jersey 911 Aware was well attended with at least 65 participants. A lively and informative questions and answer period followed the movie presentation, which had also included Erik Lawyer of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth and Unity as co-narrator in the film.

Mr. Gage chose New Jersey to begin his torrid 12 day New England Tour at the New Jersey Institute of Technology on November 11, 2015. This event was held on campus at New Jersey’s leading technical institute in Newark, and was organized by NJIT faculty member and NJ 911 Aware Board of Trustee member Prof. Jay Kappraff, PhD. Mr. Gage’s tour culminated with a presentation in Woodstock, Vt. On November 22, 2015.

Mr. Gage was well received in New Brunswick and was an inspiration to those who attended. He is considered by many the foremost presenter and expert concerning the 9/11 forensic evidence at Ground Zero. He, along with his organization Architects & Engineers believe that controlled

demolitions were used to bring the massive World Trade Center Tower Buildings down including World Trade Center 7, and have petitioned for a new 9/11 investigation.

The NJ 911 Aware team is proud to have such a stellar group of volunteers and activists for truth!*

*This special event was filmed and photographed by NJ 911 Aware videographer Carlos Oropeza.



Richard Gage, AIA, President and Co-Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth will be premiering his new film entitled, “FIREFIGHTERS, ARCHITECTS &ENGINEERS EXPOSE 9/11 MYTHS” on Thursday, November 12, 2015, 7 pm at the New Brunswick Elk’s Lodge located at 40 Livingston Ave in downtown area of New Brunswick. Last year Mr. Gage was interviewed on C-Span for an extended period of time.

If you have questions concerning the events of 9/11 especially those having to deal with the collapse of the massive Twin Towers and WTC 7, please attend and bring a friend. Mr. Gage presents not as a politician but as a scientist. Listen as he presents the science. Meet him and ask him questions. Support the efforts to find the Truth.

Watch Interview

New Jersey 911 Aware Educational Outreach Continues at Douglass College

Members of New Jersey 911 Aware set up tables on a most windy day recently outside the Douglass College Student Center on Nichol Ave. in New Brunswick, New Jersey to speak to students about 9/11 and to distribute literature and dvds. Douglass College is an all-women’s college and part of Rutgers the State University.

The educational outreach is the second in the past few months, following up on another successful event, cross town at Rutgers College. New Jersey 911 Aware is a federally recognized non-profit organization with a mission to educate the public about the 9/11 issue and other issues of social importance; and to assist in the creation of a new 9/11 commission to investigate the crimes.

David Meiswinkle, New Jersey 911 Aware President, a criminal defense attorney and former police officer stated that the crimes of 9/11 were never properly investigated. Meiswinkle claims that a true investigation would totally re-write history. He further states that if the federal government can’t make an independent and objective investigation, the responsibility then falls on the state governments to perform the investigation. New Jersey, he claims has significant legal connections to the crimes of 9/11, and states New Jersey should lead the investigation. “The victims of 9/11 and their families”, he says, “deserve a proper criminal investigation”.



New Jersey 911 Aware Performs Outreach Action at Rutgers College

For the first time in Rutgers College history, on November 12, 2014, seven members of New Jersey 9/11 Aware, a nonprofit New Jersey corporation, set up information tables on College Avenue next to the Rutgers College Commons distributing literature and DVDs that refute the federal government’s official conspiracy story concerning the events of 9/11.

The active group was on Campus for seven hours, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., speaking with numerous students and distributing hundreds of pieces of literature and DVDs educating the student body. “This was our first attempt at out-reach to the college community”, said NJ 911 Aware President David Meiswinkle. “It was encouraging and we plan to have follow-ups”. On September 11, 2001, the United States of America suffered its worst domestic attack, which killed approximately 3,000 people. Within a few days, the Bush administration had apparently solved the crime and was able to identify 19 Muslim hijackers as suspects. Subsequent government investigations reported that office fires brought the massive skyscrapers down, including the World Trade Center, North and South Tower and World Trade Center 7, a 47-story, 550 foot building, which was not hit by an airplane. 14w

10 Many individuals and groups, however, disputed the government’s premature conclusions because other hypothesis were not examined, as well as other suspects. Some, especially architects and engineers, claimed that controlled demolition had brought the skyscrapers down at near freefall rate, and for that to happen, explosives had to be rigged and security had to be breached. This meant the possibilities of an inside job and should have been examined by the government, as it takes weeks, if not months, to prepare a building for controlled demolition. Nano-thermite, a high-grade military explosive, was also found by independent scientists in the dust samples at ground zero. The government explained they did not check for explosives, as no one had asked them to do so. The government also said there were no explosions or molten steel, while 118 firemen, who experienced explosions and contradicted the official story, were never called to testify before the 9/11 Commission. Their experience was erased from the official reported history. Time has proven critics of the government reports are correct in demanding a new 9/11 investigation. Momentum is moving towards questioning everything that has been officially declared by government. Weapons of mass destruction, which never existed, now appear a convenient ploy to consolidate oil lands in the Middle East, while a police state and draconian Patriot Bill measures threaten to vanquish the Constitution and Bill of Rights. More and more people are beginning to re-examine and re-think 9/11 and are calling for a new investigation. New Jersey 911 Aware is asking people to do just that. Meiswinkle, an attorney points out that New Jersey has as many, if not more legal connections concerning 9/11 jurisdiction for criminal investigations, and civil and criminal legal actions than anywhere else in the world.

A New 9/11 Investigation! It Could Happen – in New Jersey!

By Pamela Senzee

Last Autumn, after serving as campaign coordinator for the global advertising and grassroots action campaign, ReThink 9/11, the most amazing education project in history concerning the fall of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11, I had the great privilege of also serving as state coordinator and research assistant for New Jersey defense attorney and president of New Jersey 911 Aware.

New Jersey 911 Aware was founded to help in the creation of a new investigation into the events of 9/11, and to educate the public on the 9/11 issue, as well as other issues of public concern.  Why New Jersey?  Because New Jersey has more jurisdiction points than any other state involved in the crimes of 9/11 save New York! New Jersey has a powerful nexus of jurisdiction! NJ911Aware President, David R. Meiswinkle is a 23 year veteran cop, he was a whistle blowing cop, one with the courage to speak truth to power – and he won! He’s also an army vet and a criminal defense attorney. I met Meiswinkle at the close of my bicycle trek across the United States, when he met me in DC to serve as my attorney and assist me in filing a complaint with FBI headquarters. He came highly recommended to me by Gregg Roberts, one of the researchers on the peer reviewed science paper which documents the presence of nanothermite in the dust of 9/11. We submitted, to the FBI, this research paper, entitled Active Thermitic Material Found in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, along with a peer reviewed medical science research paper documenting carbon nanotubes in the lungs of first responders and the groundbreaking film directed by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA entitled 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. DM_officer David Meiswinkle as a New Brunswick police officer – speaking truth to power David Meiswinkle went on to found New Jersey 9/11 Aware , assisted by Vice President, Philip Ted Hussa, former Mayor of Denville, NJ and twenty five year member of the National Guard, as well as Treasurer, Lou Basile, a Certified Public Accountant, who previously worked on Wall Street managing large corporate accounts. Together they make up the existing leadership of this important truth organization. 3 founders Lou Basile, David Meiswinkle and Phillip Ted Hussa make up the core leadership of NJ911Aware NJ911Aware points to the logical legal nexus for the crimes of 9/11 exits in New Jersey as follows:

  1. 681 victims of the approximate 3,000 killed on 9/11 were residents of New Jersey.
  2. 17 of the 21 counties in New Jersey had victims
  3. The World Trade Center Complex was owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
  4. One of the hijacked airliners, United Flight 93 flew out of  Newark, New Jersey International Airport
  5. Some of the conspirators, including Mohammed Atta, alleged terrorist and pilot of American Flight 11 which reportedly crashed into the North Tower, lived and trained in New Jersey, and had connections with Paterson, Newark, Elizabeth, Fairfield Caldwell, and Teterboro.
  6. The anthrax attacks were involved with Princeton, Hamilton, West Windsor and Trenton, New Jersey.

Last year David Meiswinkle created a 62 page complaint, documenting the crimes and lack of credible investigation of 9/11 and requested a new investigation in New Jersey.  I had the honor of serving as his research assistant for this project. In late October of 2013 we met with an investigator at the State Commission on Investigation(SCI) office in Trenton, NJ  requesting a new 9/11 investigation.  The SCI accepted the complaint, reviewed the matter for a few weeks but refused to investigate citing their lack of jurisdiction for the area of investigation. We disagree with the premise, recognizing that the trial of Clay Shaw, conducted by Louisiana Assistant District Attorney Jim Garrison,  for the murder of John F. Kennedy (Oliver Stone – JFK), while born of jurisdiction in New Orleans, expanded to the assassination in Dallas, Texas and expanding to numerous places outside of Louisiana, even outside of the United States.

The complaint was also then forwarded to all 80 New Jersey assembly representatives and to 40 State senators. On January 31 of this year, the 62 page complaint and a new letter, authored by Meiswinkle, was recently sent to Governor Chris Christie asking for him to support a new 9/11investigation, following up a previous letter sent in August  last year.  Christie had been the United States Attorney in New Jersey appointed by then President Bush, three months after 9/11.  He is presently a top Republican contender for the 2016 Presidential election. He has a responsibility to the people of New Jersey, of the United States and of the world to take an honest look at the New Jersey nexus of jurisdiction and the broader scope as well of what really happened on 9/11. DM_museum David Meiswinkle at the State Museum in Trenton during an exhibition on 9/11. The complaint, a cover letter and copy of the letter to the Governor was also sent to the New Jersey Attorney General  and the 21 County Prosecutors for review and action and a copy of the letter to the Governor has also been sent to all 80 Assembly Representatives and to 40 State Senators as well. “The architects, engineers, scientists and countless experts have been towing the line, they have kept the truth in view and prevented these crimes from being swept away from public consciousness.  They have given time for everyone to catch up in their ability to become aware of the significance of what happened.  It’s time now for law enforcement and the legislators to take up the torch and do their job for truth and justice to be realized.” exclaimed Meiswinkle at a recent event.  David  is optimistic and hopeful that a courageous legislator will step forward to sponsor legislation calling for an independent New Jersey investigation into the crimes of 9/11, should the Governor and Attorney General fail to do so. WCD George Washington Crossing the Delaware. David refers to  New Jersey as the “Cross Roads of the American Revolution” instead of the Garden State, referencing that over 700 battles or skirmishes are said to have been fought between the Americans and occupying British forces  in New Jersey and he notes that General George Washington spent over half of his time during the American Revolution, from 1786 to 1783, in New Jersey, that his victories at Trenton with a follow up victory in Princeton changed the momentum of the War and were a major turning point in world history. I found, during my time in this great state, that Meiswinkle is proud of his home state’s history and its, what he refers to as, “karmic destiny” in exposing the hidden truths about crimes of 9/11. The post 9/11 world has spawned dark and draconian legislation and measures such as the U.S. Patriot Act, indefinite detention of Americans and of anyone in the world without charge, preemptive drone attacks, drone spying, secret courts, torture, extraordinary rendition, massive surveillance and a plethora of other constitutionally subversive measures. It has been the pretext for two wars which have resulted in over a million deaths. Meiswinkle looks to New Jersey, as the first State to ratify the Bill of Rights, to be yet another beacon of light in this darkness. David and I will discuss this latest action and the potential future of New Jersey 9/11 Aware on our next radio/podcast, air date February 10th. Satyagraha 9/11 Radio airs every Monday morning at 9 Pacific and noon Eastern Time on No Lies Radio at . Archived broadcasts are available within 24 hours on our website at   Satyagraha911 I’m so proud to have been able to serve NJ911Aware and am grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend in the unique and historic state of New Jersey!

An Open Letter to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey

January 31, 2014

An Open Letter to the Attorney General of New Jersey

February 1, 2014

Breaking news: On November 1, 2013, a complaint was filed with the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation

David R. Meiswinkle, President, and Founder of New Jersey 911 Aware, met with a state Investigator to review the complaint. (click here for a .PDF of the Complaint)


President of New Jersey 9/11 Aware, David Meiswinkle, in front of the NJ State Capital Building, preparing to file for a new 9/11 investigation with the NJ State Committee of Investigation (SCI)

The State of New Jersey has numerous connections to the events of 9/11.

A 10th Amendment, state action would be appropriate for New Jersey to convene its own 9/11 Commission with subpoena powers to establish the facts and to look at them removed from the constraints placed upon the previous Federal 9/11 Commission by the Administration at that time.

Unbeknownst to many, the battle for the soul of America has begun. As a nation we have been sidetracked and misdirected. To get our country back on track and heading in the right direction, so we can deal with other important issues, the bottom line is simple and straightforward: 1. Truth about the 9/11 events must be presented by establishing the facts.   2. Justice must be realized for the victims, their families and all those affected; and the suspects must be criminally charged and tried, if probable cause is found to exist after the facts have been established. Truth must be establishedJustice must be realized.  This can only be accomplished through a new 9/11 investigation.  Since the federal government did such a poor and reluctant job investigating, it is incumbent on the States to do a better job with a follow up.  The State of New Jersey has all the connections and the responsibility to take the lead in this most important issue.  It must now show it has the courage.
On September 11, 2001 the United States of America was viciously attacked, and almost 3,000 US citizens were killed.  In the aftermath of the tragic events there was unparallel anger and fear combined with shock and a trauma which pierced to the very soul of our nation. The vaunted Twin Towers, iconic symbol of the lower Manhattan skyline were rammed by airplanes and collapsed.  Unbelievably, they were totally destroyed in less than 2 hours.  World Trade Center Building #7, known as the Solomon Brothers Building, another giant skyscraper near the Twin Towers, which was not hit by an airplane, also collapsed, and was totally destroyed.  The impregnable Pentagon, one of  the best defended buildings in the world was reported to have been struck and penetrated by yet another airplane making an amazing aerial maneuver, while a fourth airplane mysteriously crashed in a Shanksville, PA. field. All the airplanes were said to have been hijacked by terrorists.  The events seemed unreal, something out of a horror movie, but they were very real.  It was difficult to talk about this, and so unsettling that many Americans shut down their analytical abilities and pushed the reality of what happened deep into their psyche, far from their conscious reality. Unfortunately at this great time of loss and fear Americans were most vulnerable and susceptible, as they were in great emotional pain and distress, not thinking clearly, and were easily lead. The federal administration representatives who claimed to have no clue that these diabolical deeds could come about, let alone be imagined, solved the riddle of the alleged hijackers who were now all allegedly dead, within 2 days, identifying and naming all 19 as Muslim suspects, 15 of whom had Saudi backgrounds. Some of those named, however, apparently were alive and well in other parts of the world.  At that point, without any thorough investigation, the most outrageous crime in the history of America was laid to rest by the federal government, as if the murders of 3,000 people were solved, over night, case closed and now only revenge for these outrages remained. Shortly thereafter, American military forces would be attacking Afghanistan where the terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden was said to be hiding, and Iraq which was accused of having weapons of mass destruction, and a friendship with the terrorist.  Although the federal administration said that Osama Bin Laden was the master mind of the attacks, the FBI apparently thought differently, as they had insufficient evidence of his involvement and he was never posted by them as wanted for the events of 9/11, nor was any friendship with Sadam Hussein ever established.  While the federal administration said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, it became obvious that this was a lie and none were ever found. Why was the United States in the Middle East spending billions of dollars bombing Iraq and Afghanistan, killing innocent civilians, desecrating the countries and poisoning the people with depleted uranium, if Iraq and Afghanistan were not involved with 9/11?
Finally, 14 months after the tragic day, the federal administration under political pressure from relatives of the 9/11 victims decided to establish a Commission to finally investigate the 9/11 events.  This did not come about easily, and probably would have never come about but for the determination, love and courage of four women from New Jersey who lost their husbands in the horror, and wanted answers. These women became known as “The Jersey Girls” A 9/11 Commission was convened and it was headed by former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean and former Indiana Representative Lee Hamilton. It’s executive chairman was Philip Zelikow, a Bush protégé. According to Kean, the Commission was set up to fail.  It was under funded and rushed, did not properly utilize its subpoena power; and it allowed itself to be steered in a predetermined manner by Zelikow. He allegedly controlled the agenda, topics to be examined, witnesses to be called, the investigators, and wrote the final report. There was serious complaints about the manner in which the hearing was conducted from family members of the victims, and from within the Commission it self. The Jersey Girls were very disappointed by the final report and stated that 70% of their questions were not addressed. Senator Max Cleland, who initially served on the Commission, was an out spoken member who resigned. He compared the 9/11 Commission to the Warren Commission which investigated the death of President John F. Kennedy. He stated that, “The Warren Commission blew it. I’m not going to be part of that. I’m not going to be part of looking at information only partially. I’m not going to be part of just coming to quick conclusions. I’m not going to be part of political pressure to do this or not do that.” As each year passes now, with time to reflect and reevaluate, more citizens are disturbed by the federal reports, and their conclusions as to who was responsible, and how the events were pulled off.  How were the Twin Towers destroyed? How did WTC 7 collapse when it was not hit by an airplane?  What actually struck the Pentagon?  What really happened in Shanksville, Pa.?  How could these events happen?  Who is responsible? The administration through their appointed Commissioners formulated their answers, conclusions and recommendations in their 9/11 Report. However, these are not satisfactory because they contradict science and the facts themselves.  The federal reports to many scientists, architects and engineers do not appear truthful.  To many who have studied the events, the entire story of 9/11 has not been told.  Much appears to be missing and hidden.  Light needs to be brought upon the matter.  All the facts must be presented to an objective-minded body of citizens and evaluated through a thorough, complete and independent investigation with transparency, for all to see. Unless this is done, there will be no closure for American citizens on this important issue, the country will not be aligned to its great destiny and instead will continue its precipitous decline.

 Reasons for a New 9/11 Commission

The 9/11 Commission Report raises more questions than its answers. There is from the very beginning, serious concerns of objectivity and trustworthiness in the appointment of Philip Zelikow as the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission. Zelikow was a staunch Bush supporter, and insider, positioned to direct the outcome of  the 9/11 Commission Report. His involvement guaranteed that only certain facts would  be investigated, theories entertained, witnesses’ subpoenaed, and  testimony disclosed.  He in fact was a damage controller. There appeared not a chance that the light of day  would shine upon the actual events with him at the helm. He also was a historian  from the University of Virginia, called upon to write, the definitive 911 history.  His rendition, however, never vibrated with the facts.

Instead, reality appears to have been crafted into myth and perverted with the help of the corporate media.  After all, he was hired not only as the controller, but as the camouflager and the closer. The real purpose of the 9/11 Commission was, in part, to serve as a justification for future government actions, the waging of war against Iraq and Afghanistan,and against the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. The search for truth was substituted by the creation, implementation and continued reinforcement of a predetermined conspiracy theory myth by the administration.  Anyone bold enough to question the government’s concocted brand of reality was labeled a conspiracy theorist by those who in fact had created and took part, in the actual conspiracy. This replacement reality was skillfully presented to the public during the tragic day, as if a movie director behind the scene was giving instructions. One tragic scene after another unbelievably unfolded. (click here for full article)

An Open Letter to Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey

An Open Letter to New Jersey Legislators

An Open Letter to New Jersey Prosecutors

It is incumbent on New Jersey citizens to begin to realize the tremendous responsibility they have to set the history straight of what happened on that day.

1. At least 681 victims of the approximate 3,000 who died on 9/11 were residents of New Jersey. 2. 17 of New Jersey’s 21 counties suffered victims from 9/11. 3. The World Trade Center Complex was owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and was completely destroyed. 4. One of the hijacked air liners flew out of Newark, New Jersey International Airport and was destroyed in Pennsylvania. 5. Some of the conspirators, according to Federal government reports lived and trained in New Jersey and had connections with the cities of  Paterson, Newark, Elizabeth, Fairfield, Teteboro, Caldwell, and elsewhere in New Jersey. 6. The anthrax attacks were in Princeton and Hamilton, New Jersey. (read the full article in the New Jersey Section)

WTC Building 7

was 550 feet tall, 47 stories. It would have been the tallest building in 33 states. Although it was not hit by an airplane, it completely collapsed into a pile of rubble in less than 7 seconds at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11, seven hours after the collapses of the Twin Towers. However, no mention of its collapse appears in the 9/11 Commission’s “full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.”