Letter to Chris Christie

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David R. Meiswinkle
NJ911Aware, President
PO Bo 1134
Hightstown, New Jersey 08520

Fax 732-246-0087
August 23, 2013
Governor Chris Christie
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Re: Request for the Establishment of a New Jersey 9/11 Commission

Dear Governor Christie,

As you know, there is no statute of limitation to the crime of murder.  New Jersey authorities have jurisdiction to conduct investigations into the murder of its citizens, the destruction of its property, and to the conspiracy to commit these crimes.

The State of New Jersey has the following connections to the 9/11 events.

1. 681 victims of the approximate 3,000 killed on 9/11 were

residents of New Jersey.

2. 17 of the 21 counties in New Jersey had victims.

3. The World Trade Center Complex was owned by the Port Authority

of New York and New Jersey.

4. One of the hijacked airliners flew out of Newark, New Jersey

International Airport.

5. Some of the conspirators, according to federal government reports, lived and trained in New Jersey and had connections with Paterson, Newark, Elizabeth, Fairfield, Caldwell, and Teterboro.

6. The anthrax attacks were in Princeton and Hamilton, New Jersey.

A 9/11 Commission was established by the Federal Administration to investigate the 9/11 crimes.  This Commission was created because of the determination of victim family members, in particular the “Jersey Girls”, as there was a lack of initiative by the Federal Administration to even have such a Commission.  Its chairman Tom Kean was quoted as saying the 9/11 Commission was set up to fail, as it was rushed and under funded. Some witnesses were not truthful as in the testimony of the NORAD commander who gave three different time lines concerning the hijacked airplanes, and NORAD’s response.  A section of the report concerning financing terrorism was suppressed.  The Commission was directed in a predetermined manner to steer a specific course. Important questions were not asked. One Commissioner resigned in disgust, comparing it to the Warren Commission which investigated the Kennedy assassination.  There were:

– 118 witnesses to explosions in the WTC by firemen alone, who had documented the fact for the NYC Fire department in written reports and not one word of their statements was mentioned in the report,

– None of the 118 firemen were called to testify before the 9/11 Commission.

– WTC Building #7, the Solomon Brothers Building collapsed at free fall rate, into its own footprint, was not hit by an air plane and had only small office fires;

– Not one word is mentioned in the report of the unprecedented collapse of WTC Building #7, a 47 story, 610 foot sky scraper which would be the biggest building in 33 states.

– The mysterious announcement of WTC 7 collapse was aired live from NYC to London via a BBC hook-up while the building was still standing behind the reporter and did not collapse for another 26 minutes.

Furthermore, nano thermite, a highly energetic explosive material has been found in dust samples at Ground Zero by reputable scientists, Stephen Jones from Brigham Young University, Niels Harrit from the University of Copenhagen, and others, which is indicative of the WTC buildings having been rigged for controlled demolition. The Federal government has maintained that fire brought all three buildings down, but they admit that they never tested for explosives. In the history of steel framed sky scrapers, never has fire brought one of these buildings down, and there are numerous examples of skyscrapers burning for many hours and not collapsing.  The Twin Towers seemed to have been disintegrated in mid air before even hitting the ground.

Equally conflicting with the New York/New Jersey Port Authority site are the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA sites.  At the Pentagon, witnesses have claimed that the entry whole into the Pentagon was far too small to be that of a large commercial airliner.  There have also been witnesses who claim that explosions were going off inside the Pentagon, apparently timed with whatever struck the building.

At the Shanksville, PA site which was said to be the area where a hijacked airplane from New Jersey crashed, there is also indication that this airliner was taken down by a missile, and not because of a fight on board between alleged terrorists and passengers.  The alleged crash site and the dispersed debris field over eight miles indicate that possibility.

There are numerous unanswered questions of which those above listed are only a few. Please review articles in our web site www.nj911aware.org for more information.

You were the United States Attorney in New Jersey, appointed by the President, three months after the 9/11 events.  Your authority then as the top federal law enforcement officer in the State of New Jersey would have included in part the overseeing of this investigation on behalf of New Jersey citizens.

As President of NJ911Aware, and on behalf of many New Jersey citizens, I represent those who are dissatisfied justifiably with the federal reports including the present 9/11 Commission report. People throughout our country and around the world share that dissatisfaction. Therefore, I request that you mandate the convening of a new 9/11 investigation into the 9/11 crimes to be held in The State of New Jersey, in a public forum at a New Jersey college or University, or in Trenton for the purpose to objectively, thoroughly, completely and independently establish the actual true facts of 9/11, and with the intention to prosecute suspects which may develop from those facts should probable cause be established.  I further request that these hearings be publicly covered by the news outlets including television so that they can be broadcast throughout our country and around the world.

Richard Gage, founder of the Architects and Engineers, www.ae911truth.org ,the most professional and knowledgeable group in the world for scientific analysis of the events in New York City on 9/11 would be willing to meet with you and or your staff to familiarize and update you on important 9/11 issues.

I understand that there exists very powerful forces who would be totally opposed to any such 9/11 Commission. I realize that for you to move forward on such a request could pose problems to yourself from these interests, and would take great courage.  I understand that there are risks to me for simply asking that you do so.  That reality is part of our problem: there is a chilling effect in our country for those wanting to maintain Constitutional integrity, and genuinely protect our country and the freedoms for which it was established.

These 9/11 deeds were so outrageous that they transcended the bounds of any morality or any sanity. The aftermath of 9/11 has taken us into unjustified wars, the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people; into the Patriot Act and the spying on millions of United States citizens who are not suspected terrorists. An unnecessary Homeland Security of surveillance and monitoring, unlimited detention with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and, the unbelievable possibility of drone attacks of American citizens on American soil at the direction of the President has been created. Without 9/11 none of this would exist.  We are sliding into a world of surveillance and restriction while our civil liberties are at risk more so now than at any time in our life time. 9/11 needs to be properly investigated and this trends needs to be reversed. Now.

I have enclosed a packet of information. This packet is being sent to each of the 21 State Prosecutors, and to the State Investigation Committee.  I have also forwarded a letter and DVD to all 140 State legislators asking for a new 9/11 investigation to be created by the State of New Jersey.

The information includes:

– 24 page article published in “The Open Chemical Physics Journal”, 2009,2,7-31 authored by nine prominent scientist and researchers entitled, “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe”, documenting the discovery of nano thermite, a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material in 4 dust samples taken from New York City ground zero area shortly after the 9/11 events.

– DVD produced by Architects & Engineers entitled, 9/11 Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out, which consists of interviews with 47 prominent scientists, architects, engineers and experts in the field of high rise steel framed buildings.  This DVD was recently shown by PBS television in Colorado and quickly became the most watched PBS documentary in the United States during the latter part of this past summer.  An added feature of this DVD is a 15-minute documentary, entitled, “Solving the Mystery of WTC 7” narrated by Ed Asner.  This feature has received over 1 million viewings on YouTube.

– Break down by counties of 9/11 New Jersey victims.

– A pamphlet entitled, “What You Are Not Being Told About 9/11” published by Architects & Engineers.

– Architect and Engineer Newspaper, 9/11 Investigator, Exposing the Explosive WTC Evidence (AE911Truth.org)

If I can assist you in anyway towards the realization of this new New Jersey 9/11 Commission, please advise me. My hope is that you will have the courage.  Our State and our Country needs you to take the lead. If you do, many will follow

David R. Meiswinkle
Attorney at Law
President, New Jersey 911 Aware

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