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January 31, 2014

Governor Chris Christie
Office of the Governor
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Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Re: Request for the Establishment of a New Jersey 9/11 Commission

Dear Governor Christie,

Last August I wrote to you concerning the need for the establishment of a new 9/11 Commission in New Jersey. (August 23, 2013 letter attached)  I outlined our State’s legal nexus.
1. 681 victims of the approximate 3,000 killed on 9/11 were residents of New Jersey.
2. 17 of the 21 counties in New Jersey had victims.
3. The World Trade Center Complex was owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
4. One of the hijacked airliners, United Flight 93 flew out of Newark, New Jersey International Airport.
5. Some of the conspirators, including Mohammed Atta, alleged terrorist and pilot of American Flight 11 which reportedly crashed into the North Tower, lived and trained in New Jersey, and had connections with Paterson, Newark, Elizabeth, Fairfield Caldwell, and Teterboro.
6. The anthrax attacks were involved with Princeton, Hamilton, West Windsor and Trenton, New Jersey.

Since that time, I have filed on behalf of NJ911Aware a 62 page complaint with the New Jersey State Commission on Investigation (SCI) requesting an investigation. The complaint is included for your review. SCI Executive Director, Philip James Degnan, has advised me through a letter that the issues raised in the complaint are outside the jurisdiction of the SCI and its statutory mandate, despite New Jersey’s legal jurisdiction as listed above, and the allegations in the complaint of fraudulent federal investigations and reports. I am asking you and your office therefore, to examine the matter.

The complaint was then forwarded to the New Jersey Assembly representatives and the State Senators.  Presently it is being sent to you, the State’s Attorney General, and New Jersey’s 21 County Prosecutors for review and action.

The federal reports performed by the 9/11 Commission, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) investigating the causes of the destruction of the buildings, (the Twin Towers, WTC 7 and the Pentagon), the crashes of the planes, and the identification of the suspects, are a National disgrace which has made the United States of America appear to the rest of the world as a Fools Ship.  We can do better as a country.  I am asking you to take the lead.

This issue is not disappearing.  The polls indicate that the American people on this issue are beginning to wake up, and that the 9/11 Commission Report and the reports of NIST AND FEMA are not credible. A growing awareness consists of the following:

1. The Twin Towers, and WTC 7 did not collapse because of fire. This is impossible.  It was impossible then, and is impossible now. The fires did not burn hot enough to melt steel.

2. Explosive agents were used in the Towers and WTC 7 indicating controlled demolition was involved, and this has been confirmed by 118 NYC firemen who experienced explosions, and who were not called as witnesses before the 9/11 Commission.

3. Independent scientists have discovered nano thermite in the Ground Zero dust samples indicating explosions occurred.

4. Explosions also occurred in the Pentagon, and whatever struck it, does not appear to have been American Flight 77.

5. United Flight 93 out of Newark, or whatever was flying over Shanksville, Pa. area, appears to have been shot down by a missile.

6. Cell phone calls allegedly made by victims of the crashed planes from high altitudes, which the press and government relied on to buttress the “official story” cannot be confirmed because the technology for such communication did not exist at that time. The technology for voice morphing did however, exist. The FBI now confirms since 2006 that alleged cell phone communication from the hijacked planes at high altitudes did not happen.

7. Carbon nano tubes are being found in the lungs of first responders indicating that they have been contaminated by nano thermite explosives.

8. Drones with Global Hawk technology may have been used similar to a scenario described in Operation Northwood, where secret 1962 documents released in 1997 indicates that the Joint Chiefs of Staff had planned a false flag terrorist operation involving the shooting down of a remote controlled  plane and blaming the event on Cuba which would then give the United States government a pretext to invade.

These eight points alone are only the tip of an investigation needed, of a very sophisticated operation which could not have been carried out alone or at all, by 19 Muslims with box cutters, a number of whom are reported alive and well. This appears to have been a professional operation conceived and implemented by very powerful and knowledgeable individuals who had intimate knowledge of and access to the inner workings of the United States government and its agencies and appear intent on refiguring certain geopolitical regions of the world, and gracing us all in the process with a new, “War on Terror” The question remains:  “Who are these terrorists?”

We remain in the dark as to the suspects identity. In order to avoid another “terrorist attack” it is essential to conduct a proper investigation.

Please review articles in our web site www.nj911aware.org for more information. The complaint can be also accessed there.

The officers of NJ911Aware would like to meet with you or members of your staff to discuss this issue.  We are willing to assist in any reasonable way and bring you into contact with professionals and experts much more familiar with the science and research than we are.

The United States needs a champion.  You can be that bright star for both New Jersey and the nation, if you have the courage and principle to lead the way, on this most important issue.  As a former United States Attorney you most certainly have the mind set.  Allow history to cast you in the best of light, and not as someone who had the ability and the responsibility to investigate, but instead allowed the truth concerning the worst crime in the country’s history to be suppressed. Help lift the veil.  Our prayers are with you.

David R. Meiswinkle, Esq.
President, New Jersey 911 Aware


cc: New Jersey Attorney General
New Jersey State Commission on Investigation
21 New Jersey County Prosecutors
All NJ Assembly Representatives
All NJ Senators
Philip Hussa, VP NJ911Aware
Lou Basile, Treas. NJ911Aware