Moving Forward: There is a Long Road to the Truth.

On October 31, 2013 a sixty-two page complaint was filed with the State Committee on Investstigation (SCI) listing numerous failures of the 9/11 Commission and of NIST, the National Institute for Standards and Technology. The request is for SCI to initiate their own investigation on behalf of the citizens of New Jersey. I was accompanied by Pam Senzee, State Coordinator for NJ 911 Aware.  The SCI office is on the 10th floor at 28 W. State Street in Trenton.  A special agent met us in the lobby and escorted us via elevator to the 10th floor waiting area.  It was a pleasant room.  He received our complaint, reviewed it with us for a short time, and took it into the back offices.  He came back out in a short while, and advised us that the complaint would be reviewed. The agent was considerate and seemed genuinely interested. The complaint will be sent to all legislators and prosecutors in the State by NJ 911 Aware.

To date architects, engineers and scientists have kept the 9/11 issue alive through their scientific analysis of the evidence.  It is indeed a shame that the legal profession and law enforcement has not given it the attention it deserves as the greatest crime in United States history. This has to change.  There are in fact at least four connected crimes scenes. The Federal government has maintained that 19 Muslims brought the Twin Towers as well as WTC 7  down with fires caused by hijacked airplanes striking the Towers. They also assert that a commercial airliner was also crashed into the Pentagon, and that United Flight 93 out of Newark, NJ. crashed in Shanksville, Pa. because of a fight on board the plane between the alleged terrorists and the passangers. None of these scenerios, however appear truthful when investigated closer.

Please read the Complaint submitted to the SCI.  A PDF file is available on the Home page.  It is all documented.  The complaint is comprehensive but is far from complete.  However, it is a beginning.  There is a long road to the Truth.  Will you travel that road with us?

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  1. Sam Cochrane

    Mr. Meiswinkler, I have belonged to ae911truth for some time and have wondered when the next step would come to legally challange the govnts story. You have done it with legal standing and I applaud this courageous action but watch your six. My Congressman ( Chris Gibson NY ) will not touch it because 911 cannot be allowed to be publicly discussed , they need deniability . I’m concerned to what lengths our govnt will go to to stop people and organizations from like yours from growing. The NSA know that I contribute and support 911 organizations like yours and will be monitoring the net to try to stop us at some point. The govnt must have a plan . Your website is new to me but I will follow it very closely and being from NJ originally I have friends and a sister in NJ (pompon lakes) who I have alerted . My sister belongs to a T party group and I have forwarded your letter to CC to her to put up for discussion at their next meeting. I have tried to get the attention of the American Legion to support an investigation but no response . Thankyou for your good work.

    Watch your six,

    Sam Cochrane
    518 753 6545

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