NJ 911 Aware Educational Outreach Continues at Douglass College

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13 (1)Members of New Jersey 911 Aware set up tables on a most windy day recently outside the Douglass College Student Center on Nichol Ave. in New Brunswick, New Jersey to speak to students about 9/11 and to distribute literature and dvds. Douglass College is an all-women’s college and part of Rutgers the State University.

The educational outreach is the second in the past few months, following up on another successful event, cross town at Rutgers College. New Jersey 911 Aware is a federally recognized non-profit organization with a mission to educate the public about the 9/11 issue and other issues of social importance; and to assist in the creation of a new 9/11 commission to investigate the crimes…more

David Meiswinkle, New Jersey 911 Aware President, a criminal defense attorney and former police officer stated that the crimes of 9/11 were never properly investigated. Meiswinkle claims that a true investigation would totally re-write history. He further states that if the federal government can’t make an independent and objective investigation, the responsibility then falls on the state governments to perform the investigation. New Jersey, he claims has significant legal connections to the crimes of 9/11, and states New Jersey should lead the investigation. “The victims of 9/11 and their families”, he says, “deserve a proper criminal investigation”.


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