The Reason for a New 9/11 Commission
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The myth or the truth, depending, was that nineteen Muslims were able to out-smart, and out-maneuver the most sophisticated military, air force, intelligence and security system in the world by hijacking four commercial airliners and  crashing two of them into the WTC Towers, America’s tallest buildings. Three skyscrapers were said to come down by fire. Never in the history of steel framed high rises has a skyscraper collapsed from fire.  The third giant building, WTC 7 was not even struck by an airplane. One of the planes, also amazingly struck the Pentagon, the most defended military installation in the world. It apparently had advanced notice of the approaching hijacked plane, and that plane was not intercepted or shot down by military jets. One of the planes mysteriously crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, The entire terrible drama was immediately claimed by stalwarts in the Bush administration and the corporate media to be  the handiwork of  “former” CIA asset and arch villain Osama Bin Laden, hiding out in the mountain caves  of Tora Bora, Afghanistan.

This version of history, or perversion of history was forced-fed and consumed by the agonized, traumatized, vulnerable and gullible public. Americans, in the blind heat of passion and revengeful, were led to wage slaughter against two countries, who were likely not involved, whatsoever, in the 9/11 atrocities.  It also created the necessary platform for a declaration of War against Terror, by creating the prerequisite atmosphere of  fear.  In the name of security, this has lead to the most serious attack on the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights in our history as a nation by our own government.

With a jaundiced eye, there is a tendency now for reactionary elements in government to view patriotic American citizens as possible enemy combatants. The integrity of government and the civil rights of the American people, and therefore freedom and  justice, are inextricably intertwined with the truth about 9/11.  This is the reason why a new 9/11 Commission is needed.  This is also the reason why the search for truth is  opposed.

Unanswered Questions Demand a New 9/11Hearing
Questions which need better explanations pertain to the following failures of the 9/11 Commission.

1. Failure to: hold accountable those responsible for the protection of the crime scene.

The WTC, Ground Zero scene evidence was not preserved, and important pieces of evidence were sent as scrap steel to China before they could properly be studied, photographed and cataloged. This spoliation of evidence amounts to an obstruction of a police investigation.  It contradicts the first tenant in criminal investigation, to control and preserve the crime scene until proper investigation is performed.

2. Failure to:  investigate for explosions.

National fire protective standards mandates a study for explosions when steel is melted and concrete pulverized, both of which occurred on 9/11 at WTC. No study for explosions was conducted. (Since the 9/11 Commission Report was published in 2004, Professors Neils Harrit, Steven Jones and other have found nano thermite, a super explosive, in the dust samples they have studied from WTC area.

3. Failure to: subpoena and take testimony from118 firemen who had made statements indicating that they heard and or saw explosions at the WTC building complex.

4. Failure to: mention the inexplicable collapse of WTC 7 in its report, a 610 foot, 47 story skyscraper which was not struck by an airplane.

5. Failure to: consider the flow of monies to terrorists relevant, and investigate the $100,000.00 paid by ISI, Pakistan’s secret police chief  General Mahmoud Ahmad to Mohammad Atta, terrorist and alleged suspect living in United States.  General Ahmad was visiting Washington D.C. on 9/11.

6. Failure to: investigate why the head of the National Military Command Center (NMCC), Brigadier General Montegue Winefield  found it necessary to temporarily relinquish his Command to his deputy Captain Joseph Leidig, literally minutes before the first hijackings began from 8:30 am to 10:00 am on 9/11, and whether this announcement was, an attempt after the fact, by the administration to neutralize a statement he had made in 2002 regarding the military’s attempt to intercept United Flight 93 which NORAD claims they did not know was hijacked until after it crashed.

7. Failure to:  examine in depth the advanced warnings received by the administration prior to 9/11 of an imminent attack by plane from  France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Jordon, Morocco, Egypt, Israel and Russia, and hold those who lied about not receiving prior warnings legally accountable.


8.Failure to: investigate the obstruction in the field by the administration reported by FBI  agent Coleen Rowley in Minneapolis, and her charges against the FBI in her whistle blowing memo for hampering the investigation into terrorist Zacarius Moussaoui, and the deliberate obstruction by her FBI supervisor, which may have prevented the entire 9/11 attack.  The supervisor was later given awards for exceptional performance instead of being investigated for sabotaging an FBI investigation.

9. Failure to:  hold NORAD accountable for notice received from the FAA of hijacked air planes and for NORAD’s failures to intercept, when interception is a routine procedure performed numerous times each year, instead of placing most of the blame on the FAA; and to hold NORAD Commander Ralph Eberhart accountable for lying to the 9/11 Commission and giving three different time lines.

10. Failure to: compel President Bush to testify under oath in public, sequestered from Vice President Cheney.

11. Failure to compel Vice President Cheney to testify under oath in public, sequestered from President Bush.

12. Failure to: investigate why the airline manifests did not have the names of any of the alleged hijackers on them.

13. Failure to: investigate why eight of the alleged nineteen hijackers killed in the 9/11 crashes are alive and well in other parts of the world, disavowing involvement with 9/11.

14. Failure to: subpoena government information of the push options of those who bet on United Airlines and American airlines stock to go down immediately prior to 9/11 indicating insider knowledge, making millions off the tragedy in the process.

15. Failure to: investigate how and why San Francisco Mayor’s, Willie Lewis Brown and others received warnings advising them not to fly just before 9/11.

16. Failure to: mention that Osama Bin Laden was not listed by the FBI as a wanted person for 9/11 attacks but for the USS Cole.

17. Failure to: investigate that the CIA allegedly knew about Osama Bin Laden being in Dubai’s American Hospital where he was treated by Dr. Terry Callaway a few months prior to 9/11, and visited by Terry Mitchell, the local CIA agent, in July 2001, who did not attempt to arrest him despite being on the Most Wanted list for the attack on the USS Cole, killing seventeen people.

18. Failure to: subpoena and insist on the release of the 28 page section of the Congressional Joint Inquiry headed by former United States Senator Robert Graham, (Florida), documenting a major Saudi connection to funding of terrorists involved in 9/11 while being harbored in safe houses within the United States.

19. Failure to: investigate why the Bin Laden family was given such deferential treatment after 9/11 and allowed to fly out of the United States to Saudi Arabia during a no-flight time and before being properly screened and interviewed.

20. Failure to: subpoena or even mention the 85 videos of the Pentagon, seized by the FBI as a result of the crash at the Pentagon, and demand to view them.

21.Failure to: investigate the FBI announcement that four black boxes,( Two flight data and two cock pit voice recordings from WTC were never recovered from Ground Zero area, although firemen have claimed that they are aware that at least three boxes were recovered and in the possession of the FBI, because they gave the black boxes to them.

22. Failure to: subpoena and demand to listen to the recovered voice recording cock pit black box of American Flight 77 which the FBI has never released, and to demand the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) number which is always released by the NTSB except in this flight, to insure that this is Flight 77; and investigate contradictions as to where the FDR was found and when it was found.

23. Failure to: investigate the relationship of alleged terrorists to the FBI, whether they were working for the United States government and if they were assisted and housed by associates and or agents of the FBI or the United States government.

24. Failure to: investigate the massive Israeli spy ring of 120 individuals posing as art students and their subsequent deportation for visa violations, and the dancing of five Israeli men filming and celebrating on a roof top, the WTC collapse, connected to Urban Moving Systems, whose owner, Dominic Suter, allegedly fled to Israel upon hearing authorities wanted to question him, and the stopping of a van by police on a ramp to the George Washington Bridge loaded with tons of explosives, on 9/11 as well as the detonation of a van on King Street near 6th and 7th Streets during the 9/11 attacks, for a possible Mossad operation, and whether there was any connection concerning fore knowledge of 9/11.

25. Failure to: investigate the relatively small entry hole in the Pentagon and the debris of the alleged airplane to confirm whether the hole and debris was consistent with a large Boeing 757, and in particular, American Flight 77.

26. Failure to: investigate and hold accountable officials for allowing a strike on the Pentagon, the most defended building in the world, and for not warning the Pentagon employees in advance and have them evacuate the building when the plane was drawing near the Pentagon.

27.  Failure to:  mention or investigate whether there was a stand down order issued by Vice President Cheney as related by Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta concerning Flight 77, allegedly hijacked and heading directly toward Washington D.C.

28. Failure to: to include in the 9/11 report Norman Mineta’s subpoenaed testimony before the 9/11 Commission indicating there was a stand down order issued by Vice President Cheney, and that Cheney was present in the Presidential bunker much earlier than he represented.

29. Failure to: investigate the coincidence of why there were war game exercises involving at least four different Operations: going on in the Eastern United States, including Operation Vigilant Guardian, Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian and Vigilant Warrior which mimicked in part real time realities, leading to confusion regarding the exercises and real time during the hijacking of the airplanes and whether this was a cover used for the hijackings.

30. Failure to: investigate the coincidence that there was a bio-war tripod II exercise planned for NYC for 9/12/01, and whether there was any connection with these exercises and the subsequent anthrax attacks?


31. Failure to: question the bizarre behavior by the President Bush while being advised of the second plane attack in NYC at a grammar school in Florida, and his statements regarding seeing a live broad cast of the first airplane striking the North Tower.

32. Failure to: investigate through subpoena, the times in which VP Cheney was in the Presidential Emergency Operational Center (PEOC) despite major contradictions in time given by Cheney.

33. Failure to:  investigate the $2.3 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon, announced by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001, the day before the 9/11 attacks.  The heaviest damage was to the Army’s financial management/audit area, which was investigating the missing $2.3 trillion,and most of the Operation personnel working there were killed.

34. Failure to: investigate why anti missile and anti aircraft batteries where not used at the Pentagon, the alleged best-defended building in the world, to avert the direct attack.

35. Failure to: investigate the scientific fact that cell phone calls at high altitudes could not be made in 2001 from American Flight 77 and United Flight 93 and why the government would have a record of at least eleven such calls.

36.  Failure to: investigate whether the morphing of voices involved in the calls to loved ones from the hijacked, could have been accomplished as the technology did not yet exist for cell phone communication from high altitude but did exist for morphing of voices.

37. Failure to: investigate the statements regarding bombs going off in the Pentagon, coinciding with whatever struck the Pentagon.

38. Failure to:  investigate the absence of damage, debris, passenger bodies, and a seismic signal consistent with the crash of an American Flight 77 at the Pentagon.

39. Failure to: investigate the military’s questionable claim, that by the time they learned that United Flight 93 had been hijacked, it had crashed.

40.  Failure to: investigate evidence indicating that United Flight 93 was shot down by an air to air missile in studying the scattered debris field and to subpoena witnesses who observed the debris.

41. Failure to:  investigate evidence that some members of the Saudi family supported al-Qaeda and that three members of the Saudi royal family in the United States had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, and that within eight days of this public revelation all three died mysteriously.

42. Failure to: release the three and one half hours of testimony from Sibel Edmonds behind closed doors who testified before the 9/11 Commission about the sabotage of the FBI’s translation program dealing with terrorism, and the theft of hundreds of pages of top secret material by her supervisor to unknown recipients.

43.  Failure to: investigate or mention  FBI agent and whistle blower Robert Wright’s critique of FBI .for not heeding his early warnings of a 9/11 attack and the attempts by FBI management of intentionally and repeatedly thwarting and obstructing his efforts to launch more comprehensive investigations into money laundering involving terrorist activities in the United States.

44.  Failure to: investigate the false claims by the Bush administration and military that U.S. intelligent agencies had not contemplated the scenario where a hijacked airplane could be used as a missile to strike a structure like the Pentagon or World Trade Center Towers.

45.  Failure to: investigate the mysterious and suspicious appearance of a passport of alleged terrorists Satama a-Suquami at the World Trade center site, and Ziad Jarrah at the Flight 93 site in Pa.

46. Failure to: investigate Able Danger and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer who identified Mohammed Atta and his Al-Qaida cell of terrorists in the United States prior to 9/11, nor the government’s obstruction of his unsuccessful attempt to have him arrested, including the destruction by DIA of 2.5 terabytes of data pertaining to Able Danger and the purchasing by the government for $47,000 of 9,500 first run “Operation Dark Heart” books written by Lt. Col. Schaffer.

47. Failure to: investigate the warnings of an imminent attack on the United States by FBI, John O’Neill and his subsequent death on 9/11 at the WTC.

48. Failure to: account in the Twin Towers for melted steel, mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete and steel decking, pyroclastic clouds, rapid onset of complete collapse, symmetrical “structural failure” through the path of greatest resistance, at free fall acceleration, lateral ejections of multi-ton steel sections, squibs, dismemberment of the entire steel structure, all signs of explosion in the collapse of the WTC buildings.

49.  Failure to: include the testimony of Willie Rodriguez and others that bombs exploded in the basement of the North Tower prior to the first airplane striking the North Tower.

50.  Failure to: provide any alternative theory than the one provided by the Bush administration as to who was responsible for the attacks of 9/11 and how they were brought about.

51. Failure to: consider the possibility that something other than a commercial airliner, struck the pentagon as the debris found at site would suggest.

52. Failure to identify any parts of four airplanes, with identification numbers imprinted on the parts, that were said to crash on 9/11.

53. Failure to: examine the size, shape, coloration and markings of the airplanes that struck the Twin Towers to confirm that American Flight 11 and United Flight 175 actually struck the buildings.

54. Failure to: explain how areas in the basement of WTC could burn for weeks after 9/11 which were hotter than any temperatures at the impact site and could not be put out by water.

55. Failure to: investigate why the United States was at war with Iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and Saddam Hussein had represented that he would assist the United States against terrorists.

56. Failure to: investigate Project for a New American Century (PNAC) headed by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Bolton and others and their desire for a new Pearl Harbor.

57. Failure to: investigate Larry Silverstein’s significant statement regarding pulling the WTC 7 building on 9/11 and his increasing the insurance policy two months prior to 9/11 to $3.6 billion, and was awarded $4.55 billion for buildings that needed major asbestos removal.

58. Failure to: investigate why the FBI withheld vital Flight Data Recorder (FDR) identification information from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) which would confirm the identity of American Flight 77 and United Flight 93.  FDR serial number is like human DNA.

59.  Failure to: investigate the suspicious activity regarding the security of the WTC complex leading up to and immediately before 9/11 including, deliberate and inconvenient power downage for a weekend prior to 9/11, removal of bomb sniffing dogs, strange vehicles and men coming at 3:00 am and leaving at 5:00 am moving large items into the buildings, elevator work performed with access to central columns.

60. Failure to: interview and investigate the security company Securacom, later known as Stratesec, involved with security at WTC, Dulles airport, and United Airlines, which had George Bush’s brother Marvin Bush, as a director, and cousin Wirt Walker as CEO, and Kroll Associates, which also ran security at WTC, also known as the,  “CIA of Wall Street” owned by influential supporters of Zionism, and which was managed by Jerome Hauer, who hired FBI counter terrorist expert and maverick John O’Neill as WTC security head, and who was killed on his second day of work at the WTC on 9/11.