Was United Flight 93 Departing from New Jersey Shot Down by a Missile Over Pennsylvania on 9/11

United Airlines Flight 93 departed Newark, New Jersey Airport at 8:42 a.m. on September 11, 2001. It allegedly changed course around 9:29 am near Cleveland, Ohio and started heading back east towards Washington D.C.  It was the fourth airplane hijacked that day. It crashed in Shanksville, Pa. at 10:03 am according to the 9/11 Commission report, or 10:06 am according to the seismic readings.

At the time of its alleged hijacking at 9:29 am, American Flight 11 had already struck the North Tower in NYC at 8:46 am.  United Airlines 175 had struck the South Tower at 9:03 am, and American Flight 77 was considered hijacked by 8:54 am and in route to Washington D.C., where it allegedly crashed into the Pentagon at 9:37.46 am.


Three commercial airliners were suspected of being hijacked.  Two had already crashed into the Twin Towers, and United Flight 93 was somehow unprepared for the hijacking which would allegedly happen, over 30 minutes later. There is a serious question as to why this flight was not under the highest alert to protect itself.  It appears to have had the time.

United Flight 93 is alleged to have crashed under mysterious conditions in a reclaimed mine stripping near Shanksville, PA.  There were reports that passengers were using cell phones to call relatives on the ground saying, that they had been hijacked, and that there was going to be a fight with the hijackers for control of the plane. The 9/11 Commission reports that the plane crashed as a result of this struggle for control of the plane.

The crash site, designated as such by the federal authorities, certainly did not look like a typical crash scene.  According to numerous witnesses of the site, there was no airplane for the most part, and no bodies were recovered. There was a hole in the ground but little debris.  Where was the plane?

9/11 Blogger.com site quotes several first responders at the alleged crash scene, including, Assistant Fire Chief, Rick King who drove the first fire truck to the site. His response was, “Where are the people?  There was no fuselage, no wings, only a smoking crater and charred earth”.  Other witnesses echoed the same saying, there weren’t any suitcases,  plane parts, or body parts.”

Local Coroner Wallace Miller said, “The crater looked like someone took a scarp truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped trash into it.

Frank Monaco, of the Pennsylvania State Police, said, “The site looked like a trash heap.  It didn’t look like a plane crash.”

Scott Spangler, one of the first photographers at the scene stated, “I was looking for anything that said tail, wing, plane metal, but recalled there was nothing but pit.  I didn’t think I was in the right place.”

Somerset County Medical Examiner who was at the scene,later said, “This is the most eerie thing.  I have not seen a single drop of blood, not a drop.”

Some witnesses said they saw papers and pieces of mail everywhere, and nothing resembling plane wreckage or body parts.

Lyle Szupinka, area Commander of the Pennsylvania State Police stated, “There were pieces of debris, small pieces of debris everywhere and there was a lot of paper blowing around and the ground was on fire. The debris was very, very small. There was actually nothing to tell that it was an air craft.”

Some of the paper debris reportedly found allegedly supported the story of the hijackers being present on the plane, as alleged hijacker drivers license, id cards, passport, and  credit cards along with pages of the Koran, were found intact, while metal parts of the plane and the human bodies were missing.

The black boxes, which are the Flight Data Recorder and the Cockpit Voice Recorder were found in the crash site hole but at different depths of 10 feet which seemed unusual because they were mounted next to each other.

Debris from the airplane, was located strewn over a large area. While the crash site in a reclaimed strip mine area allegedly comprised the central debris field; one of the engines, however, was found over half a mile away from the main field.  Other debris fields were found 2, 3 and 8 miles away.

Plane parts and human bodies and debris, although initially not apparent at the crash site, were allegedly located in abundance later on.  This fact has lead to suspicions that items may have been planted.

Author David Ray Griffin in his book The New Pearl Harbor Revisitedstated Flight 93 reportedly had over 37,000 gallons of fuel left when it crashed, but that tests of the soil and ground water found no evidence of contamination, and people at the crash site reported no smell of jet fuel.

Griffin refutes the government’s main theory that the plane crashed as a result of a struggle on board between the passengers and hijackers.  He stated that the cumulative evidence that United 93 was shot down by the United States military seems quite strong.

Griffin explains in his book the discrepancy in the crash time of Flight 93 and its significance.  The government sited 10:03 a.m. as the time of the crash, but Griffin points out that the seismic readings for the crash in that area was 10:06 a.m..  The government sticks to the 10:03 a.m., although the flight recorder strangely ends around that 10:02 a.m.. There is no explanation for the missing 3 minutes if the seismic reading is accurate.  However, the government also reported that based on cell phone communications it appeared that the fight aboard for control of the plane began at around 10:03 a.m. which would not have given time for the alleged struggle. David Griffin believes that the 9/11 Commission report gives 10:03 a.m. for the crash time because they are attempting to distance themselves from the possibility of a shoot down order which may have been given by Vice President Cheney. The sooner the plane crashes, the less explanation concerning the existence of such an order.

The government allegedly reported nine cell phone calls from passengers reporting the hijacking of the airplane to relatives on the ground.  These cell phone calls, were crucial for federal investigators to establish the fact, that Flight 93 was hijacked, by Middle Eastern, Islamic-looking, suspects with knives.

The problem with that story, however, is that cell phone technology for high altitude transmissions was not possible at that time, according to Griffin, and these calls were reported to have been made between 34,300 and 40,700 feet.

Griffin makes his point even more strongly by reporting on the research of mathematician and scientist A.K. Dewdney, who had written a column for Scientific American conducting experiments with cell phone transmissions from airplanes.  Dewdney wrote that a successful call could only be accomplished under 2,000 feet, and that at 7,000 feet, for a twin engine airplane there was zero percent chance of making a cell phone transmission.

There were allegedly nine cell phone calls from above 30,000 feet made from Flight 93, according to government accounts. Dewdney concluded that the numerous successful telephone calls alleged to have been made from an airliner flying at an altitude of over 30,000 feet would have been “flat out impossible”.

How is this possible then that relatives believed that loved ones called them?  David Griffin relates that Voice Morphing Technology was sufficiently advanced to explain the cell phone calls from United 93. Griffin refers to a 1999 Washington Post article written by William Arkin who wrote, “By taking just a 10-minute digital recording of anyone’s voice, voice morphing experts can clone speech patterns, and develop an accurate facsimile, causing people to have said things, that they would never otherwise have said.  Griffin also stated that technology exists, not only to fake others voices, but also to fake other people’s caller IDs

Griffin also raised questions of when the military knew of the hijacked United 93. NORAD, however, claims they were not advised by the FAA, and didn’t know about Flight 93 being hijacked until 10:07 am., after it had crashed.  The 9/11 Commission accepted this story in their investigation and blamed the FAA for keeping the military ignorant.  However, Griffin relates a memo from FAA notifying the military about a hijacking aboard Flight 93 which was actually transmitted around 9:32 am.  This was confirmed by NORAD General Larry Arnold who said later that at 9:24 am., NORAD was focused on United 93 through the FAA.  However, a host of other NORAD officers including generals, appear as if they lied, when they stated that they were not aware of the hijacking, until after the plane had crashed.

Barbara Honegger states in her “Pentagon Attack Papers”, that NORAD gave the 9/11 Commission three conflicting timelines and scenarios for air defense response.  According to Honegger the 911 Commission considered giving a criminal referral to the Justice Department against NORAD for perjury and obstruction of justice, but eventually decided against it..

According to Griffin, not only was the military aware of the hijacked United 93, but they actually were tracking it and brought it down with an air-to-air missile.

Griffin writes that according to investigative reporter Wayne Madsen three employees of the National Security Agency (NSA) have confirmed, that United Flight 93 was actually shot down by US Air Force jets scrambled from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.  Accordingly, Madsen stated that the 9/11 Commission never interviewed the on-duty signals intelligence personnel who were aware that United 93 was brought down by Air Force jets.

Griffin concludes his Chapter on Flight 93,

The cumulative evidence that United 93 was shot down by the US military seems quite strong.  Nevertheless, most of what really happened to this flight remains mysterious.  But what we can say, is that every part of the official story about United 93 appears to be untrue.  This realization is sufficient for demanding a full and genuine investigation, through which the truth could probably be quickly discovered.

In 2006 Donald Rumsfeld, United States Attorney General made a slip when he publicly stated that United Flight 93 was shot down.