The State of New Jersey has numerous connections to the events of 9/11.

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A 10th Amendment, state action would be appropriate for New Jersey to convene its own 9/11 Commission with subpoena powers to establish the facts and to look at them removed from the constraints placed upon the previous Federal 9/11 Commission by the Administration at that time.

Unbeknownst to many, the battle for the soul of America has begun. As a nation we have been sidetracked and misdirected. To get our country back on track and heading in the right direction, so we can deal with other important issues, the bottom line is simple and straightforward:

1. Truth about the 9/11 events must be presented by establishing the facts.  

2. Justice must be realized for the victims, their families and all those affected; and the suspects must be criminally charged and tried, if probable cause is found to exist after the facts have been established. Truth must be establishedJustice must be realized.

This can only be accomplished through a new 9/11 investigation.  Since the federal government did such a poor and reluctant job investigating, it is incumbent on the States to do a better job with a follow up.  The State of New Jersey has all the connections and the responsibility to take the lead in this most important issue.  It must now show it has the courage.

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